Perpetratör was created by Rick in 2008, in an afternoon when he was home alone and bored. Having installed some recording software in his computer the previous day due to a home rehearsal, he decided to create and record a complete track on his own. Being an extreme lover of dirty and blackened Thrash, he recorded some riffs, added bass, quickly wrote some lyrics and recorded them, and ended up having a most amusing day. The following day he downloaded some drum programming program and added some shitty drums and hey presto! ‘Hell (to the traitors of) Metal’ had been recorded!

Feeling this trio worked just beautifully together, no other members for the project were considered, and so a session drummer was used, Ângelo Sexo.

The search for a suitable label lasted some good months, but eventually it ended in the best possible way with the proposition by Stormspell Records, a true Underground Metal label, for the release of the debut CD, ‘Thermonuclear Epiphany’, that took place in January 2014.

All members have been active in the Metal scene since the late eighties / early nineties.

Members: Rick – Vocals, Bass;

Paulão – Guitars;

Marouco – Guitars;

Ângelo Sexo – Drums (session musician)