Piety Complex

Piety Complex

I guess I can give you a brief description of how we got together and how that track came about.

I am the bassist (Tyler) and I originally am a guitarist, but my buddies: Seth, Brad, and Pat were looking for a drummer and a bassist. I suggested Nick for drums, as we go way back, and then a little bit later said I would fill in on bass until they found a permanent guy for the job, but everyone clicked and we immediately started reworking the songs and writing new ones. We all grew up for the most part in Fredericton. Nick is from Woodstock, Pat and I were born in Cape Breton, but moved to Fredericton young.

As far as the single goes, we produced the entire thing ourselves. Seth did all of the recording and I mixed and mastered the track.

Members: Vocals – Pat Hart, Guitar – Seth Boyd, Guitar – Brad Kenney, Bass – Tyler DeGiobbi, Drums – Nick Burpee