Potential Threat

Potential Threat

Potential Threat formed in 1981 and during the early were blighted with many changes in line up but managed to do some gigs and release 2 singles and record tracks for various compilation albums.
We played many gigs with Conflict over the years and it was at one of these gigs that we were asked if we had enough material to record an album for release on the Mortarhate label and the answer was definitely yes.
The studio time was booked and everything was going well until 6 weeks before we were due to go into the studio disaster struck once again when the drummer and bass player left the band. Not to be beaten we managed to add Langy on bass and Ersy on drums and after plenty of intense rehearsals we headed of to London and managed to get the album “Demand An Alternative” recorded in 13 hours.
This line up turned out to be the only steady one the band had and played many gigs over the next few years.
After writing plenty of new material a second album was recorded for release but this release never happened at the time.

Members: Pauline – Vocals
Andy – Guitar
Mick – Bass
Ersy – Drums