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Preludio Ancestral

Formed back in 2005 by guitarist Leo Gatti, the band released a demo in that same year, but it wasn’t until 2012 when a first EP and their debut album, Hacia lo Inmortal (Towards the Immortal), was released, being followed by another EP a year later and their second and third albums – Kybalion in 2015 and El Misterio de la Pasión Divina (The Mystery of Divine Passion) in 2016, respectively. PRELUDIO ANCESTRAL have been gaining quite a recognition not only in their native country, where they even opened for acts like Rhapsody of Fire and Stratovarius, but also around the world.

PRELUDIO ANCESTRAL’s Oblivion will be a magnificent opus of an epic-painted power metal with symphonic arrangements and awesome guitar work, where various European vocalists and Argentinian musicians give form to an album that will be the delight of any lover of this genre.