Protosequence takes the insane melodic riffs of metal-core bands like August Burns Red or Novelists, and mixes them with tech death elements of bands like The Black Dahlia Murder which makes for what I think could be a band that has the potential to break through and make it huge…Biophagus is of another caliber, every aspect of it is flawless, and will not only be in my playlist but should be in everyone else as well.

This EP is bursting with technical hooks and ripping solos that take more than a few cues from the technical death metal camp.  In fact, if we consider a spectrum between these genres, I would say that Schizophrenic falls closer to groups like The Zenith Passage than Whitechapel.  Also, mad props for the seem less shifts between melodic and harsh riffs while maintaining aggression in the vocals

Members: Joseph McKee – Vocals, Kyle Hunter – Guitar, Dylan Parker – Guitar/ Backing Vox, Jacob Teeple – Bass, Logan Vars – Drums


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