Now in 2015, the band has written the best songs it ever will. Pretentious baby metal assholes will be sad to learn that the band has taken a turn towards stripped down old school grindcore and couldn’t give a fuck what you think. Winters are putrid in Winnipeg and the sound had to be beaten with a baseball bat to make it sound mean.

Also, 2015 will mark the end of an era. After a 12 year run with the devil, the band will return to a lonely hole in the ground by playing a final set at Obscene Extreme America in Montreal in August. While the band will miss playing great shows with the best bands, it’s agreed by all that a lonely, miserable suffocation in a shallow grave is preferable to a world that continues to allow Dave Mustaine to draw oxygen.

Members: Soiled Depends – Bailey’s and lemon juice.

Grimmgore – five Christ killing strings of hatred

Necromagnon – four blackened sludgey blood soaked corpses

The Dark Lord Skullbong – Dr. Shithounds’ Slightly Injured Fetus

Snake Foreskin- 6 dreams crushed into 1 turdinitis powdered crunch from above.


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