Red Cain

Red Cain

Red Cain’s first full-length album “Kindred: Act I” is due to release in January 2019.

Evgeniy Zayarny’s trademark powerful, dark clean vocals and storytelling depth overlay meticulous, inventive guitar work and dueling solos of guitarists Brendan Doll and Noah Bockmuehl, as well as Rogan McAndrews’ groove and intelligent bass lines – all backed by symphonic brilliance and Taylor Gibson’s thunderous precision behind the drums. Red Cain is a rare mix of articulate songwriting, heavy, groove-filled instrumentals, and evocative, rich vocals – all creating a memorable and dramatic musical experience.

Members: Vocals – Evgeniy Zayarny
Guitars – Noah Bockmuehl
Bass/Backing Vocals – Rogan McAndrews
Drums – Taylor Gibson