Formed in late 2012 in Saint John, NB, Canada Rifium is a band with a riff heavy, death/groove metal sound. Rifium plays all original material.  Rifium just released their debut CD entitled Ice Disease in June 2016.

Dan Harding - vocals/guitar As vocalist and chief lyricist, Dan’s earnest, gravelly baritone is Rifium's voice. Dan has been playing with various bands in the Saint John area for over 25 years.  Dan is inspired by such metal godfathers as Motörhead, Celtic Frost and Mercyful Fate.

Matt Orser - Bass. Whenever I was questioned about my musical proficiency, I'd say: "I play a wack of guitar, dabble in bass, and I suck at singing." Recording with the Benoit brothers taught me a lot about writing bass as part of a larger whole. Then I joined a band, then I practiced a lot, now I'm a bass player. Geezer Butler is the only bass influence I can put my finger on, and I still suck at singing.

Dave Brideau - Drums. Weird Al taught me first to play because it's fun. Korn taught me to play heavy. Playing at church taught me to listen to everyone else. Meshuggah taught me to memorize and play independently. Ruins taught me to play complicated but silly. But most importantly, Mr. Bungle taught me that you can be good at everything and sound like you're having a blast doing it.

Ian Crouse - Guitar.  I've been playing guitar most of my life. It's a passion and an outlet for me. I'm strongly influenced by Psycroptic because of the speed and technicality, Lamb of God for the outstanding riffs, and Zakk Wylde simply for the soul felt when listened to. Metal has made me who I am today. She is my mistress torn between my heart and hells deepest.

Members: Dave Brideau, Dan Harding, Matt Orser, Ian Crouse