Formed early in 2018, Brooklyn-based, traditional metallers, RITUALIZER , are

wasting no time crashing the sacrificial party with the release of their debut EP,

Blood Oaths ”. *

The band, featuring vocalist PJ Berlinghof (formerly of Twilight Odyssey and

Midnite Hellion), brings a metal barrage certain to please both classic metal fans

and denizens of the shadow realm.

Filling out the line-up are the infernal talents of drummer Luigi Gennaro (Shadow

of Demise, S.A. Adams), guitarist Judson Belmont (Orsus) and bassist Devin


The band is already being featured on radio outlets and programs such as Dean

Rispler’s “Records of Ruin” (Gimme Radio), New England Rock and Metal Radio,

and Metal Foundations (Metal Nation Radio).

Members: PJ: Vocals
Judson: Guitar
Devin: Bass
Weege: Drums