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Rusty Nails new album Seasons of Hatred is a modern heavy metal album. The main theme played around with is Hate and the whole album revolves around the concepts of hatred, anger and disappointment. The Love generation has failed and the next generation will be made up by those who have lost all hope and are tired of being fooled by politicians, employers and lovers. Now is time to get shit done, no matter how!

From the musical side, the album is dominated by fast-paced raging riffs which often subside into a less hurried, more controlled beats. Steaming upfront lyrics entwine with searing guitar solos, creating a weave that brings reminiscences of the 80’s but also adds a 21st century kick to the mixture. Seasons Of Hatred is prime time Rusty Nails at their best.

Members: Claudio Della Bruna -Chitarra Ritmica, Cori

Paolo Billi -Voce

Federico Viviani -Batteria, Cori

Alessandro Crecchi -Basso

Matteo Santoni -Chitarra Solista