SACROSCUM’s highly anticipated debut album, Drugs & Death. Ever aptly titled, Drugs & Death is a scourge upon one’s sanity and sanctity, a black-hole blight that swallows you whole. SACROSCUM aren’t fucking around.

SACROSCUM was formed in 2015 by J. and SS. After playing music together for a long time and trying to create something unique, the duo mixed influences of Darkthrone, early Celtic Frost, Discharge, Skitsystem, Inquisition, and everything they thought would be fitting. Combined with utterly hateful lyrics and a healthy disdain for most of you, SACROSCUM was born.

After some recording sessions in their rehearsal room, they created eight pieces of music which were then released under the title of Stillbirth, courtesy of UNHOLY PROPHECIES in 2016, on cassette tape. Everything “do it yourself” from beginning to end, Stillbirth came from raw, primal aggression, setting down SACROSCUM’s foundation for death, dedication, disgust, and what lies beyond all these. But now, with the imminent release of their debut album, Drugs & Death, SACROSCUM are primed for their most bountiful ejaculation of filth and hatred – the fullness of their coming, as it were.

Members: J. – Drums; SS – Voice, Guitars, Bass.