On December 20th 2015, the band released its first album entitled “Well of Sins”. All the financial part was covered by Romans as well as the recording process of all instruments, except the drums. An important thing should be mentioned here: approximately at the same period of time (somewhere around the fall of 2015) Romans met Andrey Desolation who took band photos for SNT. Since Desolation had his own music projects and was interested in music making, they started to gather together to work on some music (they still keep doing it).

In July of 2016 Max left the band to concentrate on his own project. Soon after him Dan left the band too. Substitutions for them were found rather quickly, but unfortunately not for a long period of time.

In March of 2017 Romans dismissed all the band members because of their lack of wish to work and participate in band’s activities.

Throughout December 2016 and May 2017 Romans recorded SNT’s second album “Defective Mind” which was composed by him and Andrey Desolation.The album came out by the end of 2017, on December 30th with the help of “More Hate Productions” publisher.



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