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Sar Isatum 

Residing in Colorado, USA, Sar Isatum eschews all the usual flogged- to-death lyrical clichés of black metal to take inspiration from a variety of sources. The very name Sar Isatum comes from the Sumerian dialect. It means ‘King of Fire.’ Indeed, both the Sumerian and Annunaki empires provide strong lyrical inspiration.

As Dalkhu so lyrically says Sar Isatum create “a variation of extreme and atmospheric black metal as if one went through a burning battlefield and witnessed horrid devastation.” Dalkhu feels that this is the best band its members have ever been a part of and are constantly evolving as musicians. Lyrically, Demothi of Sar Isatum very much ploughs his own furrow, creating songs that feel as though they have always existed, a part of the fabric of space and time. “Sar Isatum’s lyrics are inspired by native folklore, science fiction, historical events, extraterrestrial theory and the reimagining of biblical happenings from outside points- of- view.”

Members: Demothi – Vocals, JP Dalkhu – Drums, CC – Bass, NCL – Guitars, AMS – Guitars , Memitim – Keys