Since the release their full-length album, The Fallen Sun, Sludgehammer have been riding a wave of great reviews for the record as well as their live show. Bravewords.com says that Sludgehammer “Brings it’s A game” and that the album is “Ferocious from the get-go.” Fans have said their music is “Heavy as balls,” “Consistently awesome” and describe the band as “One of the best up and coming bands in the metal scene.”

With the lineup finalized, Sludgehammer hit the road and laid waste to every stage they set foot on, showing their fans that they were now stronger than ever. After a few successful tours in support of The Fallen Sun, it was time to start writing the next record which will be the first to feature new vocalist Josh Stephney. The new material became less experimental than The Fallen Sun, focusing on writing the “sick riffs” and “heavy, versatile music” that their fans love, Sludgehammer are preparing to unleash a monstrous album in 2018.

Members: Josh Stephney (Vocals)
Jeff Wilson (Guitar)
Tyler Williams (Guitar)
Dan Ayers (Bass and Vocals)
Fernando Villalobos (Drums)