Sept. 2018 Los Angeles Ca: SNEW’s much anticipated fourth album is titled

You’ve Got Some Nerve”. Recorded in the Hollywood Hills and produced by

Bobby Owsinski, engineered by Grammy winner J. J. Blair. This is perhaps

the bands most ambitious work to date. SNEW even includes a live horn section

on two tracks.

Vocalist Curtis Don Vito had this to say about their hit song: “UR Freaking Me

Out” sets the tone for our entire new album. It’s about stirring things up and

making things right. My uncle used to say “Do something. Even if it’s wrong, just

do it.” He may have been joking at the time but I took it to heart.

We’re living in strange times and strange times call for strange actions. There are

a lot of us out there that feel misunderstood. I say it’s high time we get out

there and BE misunderstood. We’re not hurting anybody. If we freak you out

then we freak you out. We can’t help it and you can’t stop us.

Members: Curtis Don Vito – vocals
Andy Lux – guitar
Lenny Spickle – rhythm guitar
Mark Ohrenberger – drums