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Sodomized Cadaver

Sodomized Cadaver are a Welsh death metal band from the valleys. Formed early 2013, the band has 2 releases to date (Vorarephilia 2014) and (Verses Of Putridity 2016) and are in the middle of recording their third release (Morbid Tales of Mutilation) which will be released mid 2017. They played their first ever show at Electrowerkz, London sharing the stage with American grind pioneers Brutal Truth and have shared the stage with many of extreme metal’s greats over the years such as Cattle Decapitation, Exhumed, Cryptopsy, Malevolent Creation plus many more. They played Bloodstock Festival August 2016 to a rammed Jagermeister Stage with 100’s of people even watching from outside the tent. They also played the main stage at Hammerfest March 2017 alongside Venom and Heavy Scotland April 2017 alongside Behemoth. They have also toured Spain with Spanish death metal legends Avulsed and are currently preparing their first full length album “Morbid Tales of Mutilation” following a recent line-up change. 28th December 2017 Sodomized Cadaver was released EP on one CD as „Verses Of Vorarephilia“ with new cover and design for all fans, who don’t have original releases. Sodomized Cadaver preparing stuff on new full-album release.

Members: Gavin Davies – Drums

Charlie Rogers – Bass

Ollie Jones – Vocals

Ryan Howes – Guitar