Sonic Prophecy











Sonic Prophecy

This album combines the melody and beauty of symphonic power metal while maintaining the crunch, drive and power of traditional metal. The album was mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions (Rush, Triumph, Nine Inch Nails, Live). Album highlights include power metal tracks Temple of the Sun and Born of Steel and Fire, traditional metal tracks Apocalyptic Promenade and The Warriors Heart, the power ballad track Fire Messiah, and the epic 12 minute track The Fist of God.

In January 2015 the band announced that were signed with Maple Metal Records. Apocalyptic Promenade was released on March 24th. The band will be touring in support of “Apocalyptic Promenade” and branch into new markets. The band will also begin the writing process for the next album.

Members: Shane Provstgaard – Vocals

Darrin Goodman – Guitar

Sebastian Martin – Guitar

Ron Zemanek – Bass

Matt LeFevre – Drums