A high school band from Fredericton, NB Canada put together in 2014 with Konner and Ezra practicing and covering songs at the ages 13-14. Neither had known how to play their instruments and they had started covering KISS songs and others they were into. Enzo had meet Ezra in Cadets and had lost contact until they meet again in there high school years. Enzo on the drums was the added touch one night at the party so Soulstice had begun. With their works a radio edited single had arose and it was “Apocalypse”. With Graduation Year ending 2017 they have played their last show and are pursuing University carriers, other musical carriers and ending Soulstice in one last night bash never to forget.

Members: Ezra-Moab Seamone-Guitar & Back-up Vocals, Konner Curtis-Vocals & Bass, Enzo Alvese-Drums