Spreading The Disease

Spreading The Disease

Spreading the disease” is a modern metal band, the baby of “Steve Saunders” ex bassist of “The Self titled”. The band is based in KENT. UK. Born in late 2014. Writing began in early 2015 which developed into some very original tracks with widespread influence ranging from “Pantera, Kill or be killed and Stone sour to Slipknot, Machinehead, Breed 77 and many more. The band’s music is contemporary and modern with amazing riffs, hooks and licks multi layered full of groove that hit you like a freight train. Having released the EP “Viral” to much acclaim and great reviews including a kkkk kerrang!”  The band has just signed to a UK Management company (XL Promotions) and working with a US Management company (434 Management) with a view to touring Europe and the USA hopefully next year 2018.

Members: Steve Saunders


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