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Steel Mammoth

Steel Mammoth started a total punk-metal war with previous albums Radiation Funeral and Nuclear Rebirth. The battle plan was to destroy all enemies with two devastating albums, and then deliver the coup de grâce with the soul-crushing last part of the trilogy, Atomic Oblivion. Steel Mammoth would be crowned the absolute kings of New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal and rule with an iron hand for all eternity.

Obviously, Steel Mammoth lost the war. The nuclear barbarians retreated into the shadows to lick their wounds and wallow in deep depression and self-pity. Slowly, the warriors faded into oblivion.

Many aeons passed with no mention of Steel Mammoth or their past heroics. Until now, a message from the beyond the beyond is here: Atomic Oblivion. It is an album by proud losers who found sanctuary in being obsolete. An album that gives zero fucks about the past, the present, or the future.

Members: Garfield Steel


Heavy One Lung Salminen


Rema 70000000 a.k.a. Ruckus a.ka. Dirtbike Kid



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