Switchbach: Out of Arkansas, Bound for the Charts

What started simply as a father using the power of music to form a bond with his son, turned into something that rapidly progressed into a hard rock, heavy metal band with the capacity to add one more musical legend to the rich musical heritage of their native Arkansas. This band is Switchbach.

Switchbach is a band that delivers hard rock /heavy metal with style and flair. They have deep creative roots in the soil of many musical influences of the South as well as numerous legends in hard rock and heavy metal that have fueled their ambitions in becoming the next big major rock act on the national scene.

Curtis Yancey is a music veteran of the L.A. scene where he fronted several different bands. It started for him when he was fourteen where he was the lead singer for his first band. He hitchhiked to Los Angeles, when he was only sixteen, to pursue his musical dream. There he played in several different projects; until coming back to Arkansas and later forming the band, Switchbach.

Members: Curtis Yancey - Lead Vocals, Jett Yancey – Drums, Zach Carpenter - Bass, Elvis Rayburn - Lead Guitar, Dimitri Anderson - Rhythm Guitar


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