That of a Lion

That of a Lion

That of a Lion is a live musical act from northern New Jersey bringing a high energy show of composed progressive metalcore. Utilizing technical instrumentation and vocals, they also maintain aggressive melody and catchy relatable lyrics. Along with various singles, That of a Lion released a demo in 2012, debut EP “Dead Weight” in 2014 and is currently pending an EP “Amalgamation” for 2016.

“Straight out of Hopatcong, New Jersey USA, That Of A Lion brings on a sound that separates them from the usual breakdown metal band. Their soulful singer, Charlie Stevens, brings a new element to the band’s heavy yet progressive sound. The group’s intricate guitar riffs and machine-like drum fills tie the whole performance together. However, it’s their passionate energy that makes That Of A Lion an act that stands out and easily draws in the crowd.”- The Aquarian Weekly

Members: Rick Santos – Guitar, Charlie Stevens – Vocals, Rob Zabita – Guitar, Levi Parkas – Bass, Rob Maslonka – Drums