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The Muted Pitch

“the Muted Pitch” (or tMP) is a metal/thrash band that originated in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area but since has expanded with members now living throughout Atlantic Canada.
In October of 2007, Jason and Bob started “jam nights” in the garage to expand on each of their own writing and recording projects. The thing they were both drawn to was the heaviness and complexity of the music buried within what some would call “piles of noise”.
In January 2011, tMP released their first self-produced album “the First 13”. After a few years with some new studio gear, a new set-up and a new member (Trevor on bass), the band released a 3 song EP titled “Transition” in February 2013. They are currently working on their 2nd full length album.
The current intent of the band is to never compromise the musical style that feels true to them. Their objective from the beginning is to make music that is satisfying to the band with the hope that others will enjoy it as well. Various digital downloads of tMP’s music are available for ​free from their website (​www.themutedpitch.com​) to share with the metal community, and all others.

Members:Jason Freake – Guitar/Vocals
Bob Mills – Drums
Trevor Kohout – Bass