tHOLA, which means ‘wolf’ in an ancient east-Indian language, is a Swiss Thrash/Power Metal band.

The band was formed late 2016, initiated by the main Songwriter and general Mastermind, Rolf ‘Rodo’ Studer. Rodo’s vision was to get the very best  musicians and to create fast and powerful metal, interjected with technical and progressive elements.

With Rodo’s reputation for being an outstanding musician and an ‘out-of-the-box’ songwriter, it did not take much convincing for drummer Sven Imsand, bassist Thommy Ambiel and vocalist extraordinaire, Fredy Salzman to join the new band.

With that, the tHOLA line-up was complete and we were ready to write and record songs. The recording part is necessary, because tHOLA’s drummer, Sven,  lives in Spain and we use the recordings to rehearse individually.

Within a few months, through extremely hard work and total commitment by all band-members, we had together a just under two hour set.

tHOLA’s debut concert was to be held in one of the finest Music-Clubs in Switzerland, the famous Moshpit in Switzerland. After an intense one week band rehearsal in Switzerland, we hit the stage and were overwhelmed by the reaction from the audience. It did not take long, and we had the over two hundred people attending, moshing and headbanging. It was a night to remember.