Three Eyes of the Void











Three Eyes of the Void

The first demo was recorded in the winter of 2017 at the home studio in Kyiv, Ukraine. After coming up with the general music concept, it was decided to produce a record in a form of EP.

Alexander Kasiarum (Joncofy https://www.facebook.com/Joncofy/) took part as a session musician to record the drums at his own studio in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Other instruments and vocals were performed by Dmytro Kvashnin and mixed at MuzProduction recording studio by Oleg Olgerd Rubanov in Lviv, Ukraine.

Lyrics theme has a deep personal but still rational expression of a frivolous interaction between individuals in a global social environment, which dramatically reflects in lost self identification as a living being.

“The Moment of Storm” is a collection of flowing thoughts which came to mind of one during observation of a nature and a dialog with a friend about the issue above.

The form of expression was borrowed from such works as “Human, All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits” (Friedrich Nietzsche) and Republic (Plato).

Members: Dmytro Kvashnin: Vocals, Guitars, Bass