Things they’ve said:

“Clanging their way around tunes that’d make Helmet, Tad and Hammerhead shiver with delight won’t win them many friends, but that’s not necessarily what it’s all about: music like these is geared precisely towards the kind ‘pals’ who’ll make repeated nuisance phone calls or turn up unannounced at 4am with something heavy and limp wrapped in a rug in the boot of their car.”

– Alex Deller / Rock-A-Rolla

“It’s kind of a hard style to really get wrong, though, and while Throat add nothing to the lexicon, they laid down a sharp recording and kept their riffs just dumb enough that anyone could headbang to these songs without error. Every country needs at least one band like these – it’s now safe to check Finland off the list.”

– Matt Kosloff / YellowGreenRed