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Torture Squad

Torture Squad was born in 1993 in São Paulo / Brazil. Its visceral and powerful death/trash metal was proven in the albums Shivering (1998), Asylum Of Shadows (2000), The Unhloly Spell (2001) Pandemonium (2003), Death, Chaos And Torture Alive (2004), Hellbound (2008), Æquilibrium (2010) and the recent Esquadrão de Tortura (2013).

The group reunited legions of fans with their electrifying concerts throughout Brazil, Latin America and even Europe. Torture Squad also played with great bands like Anthrax, Dimmu Borgir, Kreator, Tristania, Krisiun, Monstrosity, Incantation, Dark Funeral, Absu, Desaster, HeadHunter, Holy Moses, Sodom, Origin, Exodus, Angra, Shaaman, Korzus, Overkill, Sepultura, Soulfly, Gama Bomb and many others.

In 2017, Torture Squad signs with Secret Service Records to release their new album in Brazil and Europe. The label will also relaunch all seven band’s albums.

Members: May “Undead” Puertas (Vocals)

Rene Simionato (Guitars)

Amilcar Christófaro (Drums)

Castor (Bass)