Toxin is a four-piece Thrash Metal band based out of the South Bay Los Angeles area.

Founding members are Sam Fajardo, Ricardo Rodriguez, Ricardo Alonso and Michael Jiminez. In 2013 Toxin has risen within the ranks of LA’s Top Metal acts to catch live with shows consisting of heavy moshing, sporadic stage diving and a sea of headbangers. You could expect one hell of a time with Toxin with that line-up.

Fast forward a few years later and the beginning of 2016 dawned the first self-titled demo from Toxin consisting of live tracks ‘Temple of Blood” & “Hell On Wheels” delivering fuel to the fire in the mosh pit and metal community.

The demo more than sufficed on giving the band a larger fan base and exposure on tour. With the next release in 2017 Toxin faced a line-up change adding in Marco Barajas to the band and giving birth to their latest EP “HF”. A true fury of what you can expect to see live with an updated sound and a drive to dominate, Toxin will be sure to liberate your mind when you see them.

Members: Ricardo Alonso, Marco Barajas, Samuel Fajardo, Ricardo Rodriguez