Arising from the shadow of mental institutions and personal secret corners comes the Norwegian Urarv (“Ancient Heritage”), the new project spearheaded by avant-metal stalwart Björn Aldrahn Dencker of DHG and The Deathtrip and Thorns fame.

“Urarv is strange. There are elements of the band which seem familiar on the surface level: the black metal-esque riff-work, the harsh vocals, the rhythmic intensity. And yet there is something “off” about it, something unsettling which suddenly becomes glaring and upsetting”, wrote Invisible Oranges of the band’s debut album Aurum.

Argentum is the second runner-up from the unchartered mind of URARV.

The mini-album consists of six tunes that were recorded same time as Aurum.

In the light of awareness, we realize that Argentum is the answer to the channeling of distress and a spirit asleep in the abyss of thoughts.

Members: Aldrahn: Vocals and guitars, Sturt: Bass, Trish: Drums  , Ynleborgaz: Additional guitar