Vane is a metal band, formed in 2016 by two friends – Mateusz Gajdzik (Witchking, Saratan, Crystal Viper) and Robert Zembrzycki (Acid Drinkers, Corruption, Saratan). The two guitarists soon recruited Marcin Frąckowiak (Percival Schuttenbach, Stos, River of Time) for the bass guitar duties, and the trio focused on finding a suiting vocalist to match their vision. Marcin Parandyk (Killsorrow, Skyanger) was one of their first choices, and approached by Robert, he agreed to give it a try. Marcin Zdeb (Skyanger, Unlumination, Arondight), soon followed his band mates steps and decided to join Vane along with Marcin Parandyk.

The quintet started intensive work on the concept of the album, as well as compositions for the album. Led by Mateusz Gajdzik, they kept reworking, rearranging and polishing their songs, while Zembrzycki and Parandyk focused on the storytelling in the lyrics.

Vane’s music is a mix of death metal and catchy melodies, all spiced up with a conceptual story, rooted deeply in actual history of The Golden Age of Piracy.

In just 1 year since its inception, Vane releases a promo called “The Prologue”, consisting of 3 songs that are planned to be part of a concept album on which the band is currently working on. They hope to finish working on the LP in 2018, and start touring and promoting their music in late 2018 and across 2019.

Members: Vocals: Marcin Parandyk

Lead and Rhythm Guitar: Robert Zembrzycki

Lead and Rhythm Guitar: Mateusz Gajdzik

Bass Guitar: Marcin Frąckowiak

Drums: Marcin Zdeb


Call +48 606 110 245