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Voracious Scourge

Voracious Scourge is an old school death metal project formed by Jason McIntyre (suture). The love of late 80’s and early 90’s death metal fuels the writing behind the project. Voracious Scourge harkens back to the good old days when creating great songs with solid riffs and vocal hooks that grabbed you and stuck in your brain like mental meat hooks, was the mission. Digging in deeper and deeper until you satisfied that urge to hear them again and again.

Voracious Scourge’s debut release, …Our Demise is a monstrous ep comprising some of the best members in death metal.  You have Adrie Kloosterwaard from Sinister, doing the vox, Mike Smith, ex-Suffocation drummer, Jason McIntyre and Lance Strickland, from Suture on guitar and bass.  This 5-song ep is so damn killer.””You think you know well played, dynamic brutal death metal?  Well wait until you hear this ep.  It will lop your head clean off your shoulders from thousands of miles away.

Members: Guitar Jason McIntyre

Drums Mike Smith

Vocals Adrie Kloosterwaard

Bass Lance Strickland