Volk is a Drummer and Vocalist with a unique style and sense of music. He’s an artist, musician, composer, clinician, entertainer, and educator…NOW his latest creation: Vovkulaka singing while Drumming, Volk, is taking his Drumming career to another level. A real Paranormal Investigator, Volk mixes his music with his paranormal experiences. Ghost Hunting around the world. Volk’s fans read about his Ghost Hunting stories while enjoying the music.

The first single written for Ukraine, ”Glory to the Heroes”, Vovkulaka (Ukrainian for Werewolf) is already on the charts in Kyiv (www.radioroks.ua). Featuring Keith Lynch on Guitar (Bill Ward Band, Ozzy Osbourne), based on his travels in Ukraine after Maidan, the song has been dedicated to Ukrainian Soldier Nadiya Savchenko  [jailed in Russia and subsequently released in May 2016]. Along with thousands of other Ukrainian Patriots, Vovkulaka participated in a three month Twitter campaign focused on the Kremlin, to release Savchenko.’Glory to the Heroes’ was given to the Ukrainian People as a gift for Freedom. Currently, the song is being played in Ukraine, France, Russia, and the States. The second Single released, ‘my Devil’, is much darker and based on Volk’s paranormal experiences.

Members: Volk vocals and drums, Naya G and Jule Z (Ukraine) dance, play percussion, and Drums and Ivan (Bulgaria) plays Guitar