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Widows Peak

“Canadian technical death metal outfit Widow’s Peak might be more man than machine, judging by Graceless, their new EP. Starting from the second you hit play, Widow’s Peak attack with blistering fretwork, relentless drumming and a diverse vocal performance.” – Decibel Magazine

“an inventive display of breathtaking destructiveness married to kaleidoscopic, head-spinning instrumental performances, and further reveals an unconventional taste in melody that makes the song even more fascinating….but there’s still more to be said about the song. In broad strokes, it’s complete balls-to-the-wall mayhem, mostly rushing ahead in the red zone, from the barrage of percussive tumult to the mutilating riffs and the deranged, insectile leads. And to add to the feeling of lunatic savagery, the bullet-spitting vocals veer from monster roars to banshee shrieks.” – No Clean Singing (Track Review – Mother’s Misery)

Members: Vocals – Matt Yeomans, L. Guitar – Chris McCrimmon, R. Guitar – Scott Cressman, Bass – Mike Jones, Drums – Patricio Paulsen