A bombardment of sound, aggression, and creativity birthed in the frozen outskirts of Newfoundland. If you are looking for this savage three-piece, try the nearest stage because these guys can’t get enough of playing live. Incubated in the solid but small heavy music scene of St. John’s, Winterhearth is continuously pushing their personal musical limits as they engage audiences with unexpected time changes and draw upon unconventional influences. Check out their song, Burnt at the Stake, off the Curse the Summer album to see what I mean.

Currently the boys are tearing through summer 2016 by keeping busy off and on stage. In between preparation for the seven shows they have booked, from June to August, Winterhearth are toiling in the studio to produce their second full length album, Resettlement.

Members: Andrew Marsh - Guitar/Vocals, Robbie Butler - Bass/Vocals, Brad Ivany – Drums