France Heavy Metal


Stephen LeBlanc – Host of “Maximum 110”

Live Sundays at 8 PM EST

1. Aephanemer – Prokopton
2. M.I .God. – Spectors on Parade
3. Voice of Ruin – Acheron
4. Kavara – Withered and Lost
5. Mortal Infinity – In Cold Blood
6. Cell – The Ancient Incantations of Xarbos
7. Skelator – Cyber Metal
8. Spreading the Disease – Mind Cells
9. Hellbore – Holy Sadist
10. Overt Enemy – Possession

The reason I have chosen Aephanemer for my 2019 Album of the Year is it being the best release they have definitely done to date. This project is done up heavy in vocals and performances. The story with what they sing about and put forth in technically orchestrated highs and lows keeps me banging my head with each play. In the independent industry I have watched this group grow from their first album Memento Mori in 2016 and their single ‘Path of the Wolf’ in 2017. Founded in 2014, Aephanemer broke into the Metal scene with their debut EP Know Thyself. I consider this one of the fastest growing Indie bands Worldwide and Prokopton topped my chart. Aephanemer are from the city of Toulouse, France, UK where in France not as many Heavy Metal Bands per capita originate from. Cheers!