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Maximum 110 Heavy Metal Radio Show brings the life of Independent Heavy Metal Music Industry from across the world with Metal World Radio. Maximum 110 holds the responsibility to seek out Independent Artist's and to play and promote all Heavy Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres in a diverse colleague of DJ and entertainment experiences. Maximum 110 Heavy Metal Radio Show is online radio event every Sunday from 7pm – 11pm EST, Eastern Standard Time zone.

Maximum 110 studio is located in Fredericton, NB, Canada. Stephen LeBlanc hosts arrangements of entertaining and in forming a variety artists to Maximum 110 followers worldwide.  Holding close concepts in Maximum 110 growth as an entity and a promoter/marketing of this industry with Maximum 110 Facebook  page and or Maximum 110 YouTube Channel

Having the ambition, the determination and the drive at Maximum 110 we are breaking ways to possibilities of furthering our growth in promotional marketing, thinking outside the box and bringing forth our mission: We aim with highest achievements to promote Independent Artists Worldwide without predigests and having the diversity of a show to our loyal fan based listeners. When we successfully create a connection with our Artist client based customers and employees, many of them stay loyal for life.



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This has been on my mind a while now and have made this account : These are the games I will be scheduling to play and learn as I'm a fucking nubby. Going "LIVE" with Heavy Metal on my mind as crazy as it is Xbox handheld for this chump PC player #metalincommon #MetalWorldRadio I spin the best Worldwide Independent and Original Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Music. DJ Services-Food Fun-Health & Wellness is my thing. Follow and subscribe to my new gaming experience