Month: December 2020

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Maximum 110 Heavy Metal Radio Show Mission: We aim with highest achievements to promote Independent Artists Worldwide without pre justice and having the diversity of a show to our loyal fan based listeners. 🤘😎
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Artist List 2020

"NOW" building Badass list's. This year was very difficult year in the aspect of Covid-19 in the Worldwide pandemic is the least I can say. When it comes to picking the best albums of the year being the biggest challenge. Breaking down what "I" like maybe just an opinion based on this years Independent submissions. Having the privilege's of listening to the music, viewing the material, first hand, before radio play and what is up and coming is the best.

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makes this all possible and simple the best of the best Heavy Metal stations and casting to over 150 countries Worldwide. "We" are here to entertain your listening pleasure while promoting Worldwide Independent Heavy Metal & Hard Rock music through Maximum 110 Heavy Metal Radio Show's aperture.

December 2020 Soul Dragger

December Album 2020

The band was born in 2017 by the frontman Alex. In February 2018 they release their first official EP self-produced named Before Chaos. In 2019 they enter into Kick Recording Studios to start to work on their first album called "Soul Dragger” 2020.