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American Standards

Adjusting the the new environment, in 2015 American Standards began to partner with several international DIY labels in order to allow their international distribution to remain low cost and quickly accessible. This included Enjoyment Records in the U.K. and Nacion Libre in Mexico. It also expanded their available formats from digital and CD to include previously unreleased vinyl and cassettes. Shortly after, the band released the Hungry Hands EP which walked the line between 90s hardcore punk and early 2000s metalcore with an experimental twist.

American Standards has announced a new full length album titled “Anti-Melody” with a release date of April 15th 2017. Based on recent interviews with the band, the release will continue to build upon sociopolitical themes, corporate greed, satire and materialism but will also have a much more personal tone.

“What started as social commentary on the growing divide in our society became very personal when our founding guitarist (Cody Conrad) passed of suicide and then soon after, my father of cancer. We went back in to re-record much of the album and in a lot of ways used it as therapy to cope with the experiences. Although intimate, at its core Anti-Melody is centered around the universal theme of separation on many levels.” -Brandon Kellum (vocalist)

Members: Brandon Kellum- Vocals, Corey Skowronski- Guitar, Steven Mandell- Bass, Mitch Hosier- Drums


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