A year after releasing their debut full-length Antipope stroke a deal with Violent Journey Records over the publication of the 2nd full length album. Entitled “House of Harlot”, the album was published on 30th of November 2011. The new album presented grooviest and heaviest Antipope up to the date, and gained very positive reaction from the media and the fans alike.

In early 2012 Antipope began to write material for the third full-length album and began to record the album during the summer. Once again band was using their own recording facility in secret location. In the summer of 2012 bass player Santtu Heinilehto, the other founding member of Antipope with Mikko Myllykangas, decided to quit the band. The band chose not to look for a replacement, but instead Mikko took up the bass and thus became the new bass plyer of Antipope.

Antipope is looking forward to release the 3rd LP in early 2013, god willing.

Members: Mikko Myllykangas – vocals, guitar, bass

Antti Karjalainen – guitar

Tuska E. – drums