Ascend The Hollow

Ascend The Hollow

ATH is a European-based, female-fronted progressive cyber-tech metal band. Their music is powered by 9-string guitars, 6-string bass and modern electronic soundscapes. Topped off with a diverse mix of growls, screams and a melancholic, pure voice, ATH combine their eclectic influences to produce a powerful, aggressive yet melodic, haunting and innovative sound.

2019 sees ATH releasing their debut album entitled “Echoes Of Existence” under the wings of Dr. Music Records. The album is partly produced by Kris Norris (Shadow Domain, Scar The Martyr, Darkest Hour) and is mixed & mastered by Thomas “Drop” Betrisey (Samael, Obsydians, Sybreed).

Echoes Of Existence” is a journey through the dark sides of humanity in the context of a modern, technologically advanced world. The album directly addresses taboo topics such as mental illness and suicide, while also exploring some uncomfortable and triggering themes like rape or child sex abuse. Not afraid to oppose the current socio-political climate, the central message of the album is mental health & human rights awareness.

Members: RAVEN (guitars, programming)
GEF (guitars, programming)
M-NOISE (vox, lyrics)
DAVEC (bass)