The beginning…

In 1982, two diehard metal fans, Michael Hoffmann (guitar) and Markus ‘Lulle’ Ludwig (vocals) totally into bands like Venom, Metallica and Slayer decided to form a band. They called their new project “Satanica” (what could be better?!). Shortly thereafter, Lulle met  Dinko “Fasthand” Vekic (guitar) and their third metal maniac was found.

The band chose “Assassin” as it’s band name for it’s shock value, the threatening nature of the word and it being easy for metalheads to remember. Another good reason was that Assassin starts with “A” so in alphabetically arranged lists, Assassin is always mentioned in the beginning.

New year, new plans! 2013 just started and Assassin is planing a new album. The band is now searching for a studio to realize the new project. Another Southamerica tour is about to be planned and the band is searching for a new booking agency to play more shows in Europe.

Members: Ingo Bajonczak Vocals, Frank Blackfire Guitar, Scholli Guitar, Joachim Kremer Bass, Björn Drums