In February 2012, the band opens for Metalucifer (Japan) alongside established bands (Rudra & Draconis Infernum). In September 2012, the band was selected to be the opening band for Decapitated (Poland) & alongside Nervecell (Dubai) in Zouk Singapore by Cynical Sound Singapore, this performance further establishes the band experience on bigger stage. In 2013 the band focus solely on the song-writing process for its debut album and commenced of recording begins in late 2013.

The band completed recording its debut album “The Fallen Reich” in July 2016 with Typhoon Studio & Inversion Studio, the recording process spanning across a 3 years period marks the band emphasis on song-writing and recording quality.

The band first full-length album “The Fallen Reich” was released on May 2017 worldwide by Transcending Obscurity Asia, with mixing/mastering handle by Cedric Chew, Inversion Studio.

Members: Vocals / Manager: Clarence Chong , Drums: Noh , Lead Guitar: Hanesh , Bass & Backing Vocal : Syaz, Rhythm Guitar: Yuda