Coming from Brittany (celtic region of western France), BELENOS (the Celtic god of the sun) was formed as one-man-band by Loïc CELLIER in 1995. Influenced by the early Black metal scene of Norway with bands such as Enslaved, Emperor, Burzum, Aeternus & Kampfar, and later acts such as Belphegor and Immortal with regard to the technical level and sounds of the music. BELENOS always, was and remains a mix of Black metal (fast and dark) and Pagan metal (dark and slow parts with choirs).

In 2010 BELENOS got a new live line up and returned on stage regularly. The album Yen sonn gardis was released This year too, this album is the first one sung in Breton (old celtic language of Brittany). After 2 remastered reissues (Spicilege in 2012 and L'ancien temps in 2013) and after a lot of concerts, BELENOS recorded at last Kornog, the new album of 2016, still sung in Breton, talking about Brittany's sea legends...

Members: Members: Loïc CELLIER - vocals / guitar # , Antoine GUIBERT - guitar / backing vocals # , Yohann MAHE - bass / backing vocals # , Marc LE GALL - drums






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