Blood Tyrant










Blood Tyrant / Departure Chandelier

Featuring members of Akitsa and Ash Pool, Departure Chandelier explores the gilded savagery of the Napoleonic Wars in a musical style that is both militaristic and melodically ornate. Built around a succession of enthralling riffs perfectly stitched together and accentuated with unexpected tempo shifts and the well-placed use of keyboards, Departure Chandelier’s side is a bold example of the band’s union of its particularized sound and unique subject matter. The tyranny of Napoleon, his bloody path of conquest, and his near apotheosis are, in many ways, thematically similar to the immortal evil and vampyric elitism at the heart of Blood Tyrant’s creation. Whereas Departure Chandelier’s track is visceral and physical, Blood Tyrant’s contribution is more incorporeal and diaphanous. Blood Tyrant’s “The Dark Decree” displays the band’s reverence for tradition, harkening back to black metal of the 1990s, draping frigid and melancholic riffs in a dense fog through which cut the vampyric shrills of the vocals. The delicate use of keyboards, woven almost indistinguishably with the guitars and blurring the edges of the melodies, accentuates the atmospheric effect of the track.