Canker (Spain)

Their self-titled demo from ’91 was recognized everywhere, and after reaching the 1st position in the Villa de Bilbao competition in ’92, they got the opportunity to record their first album in late ’93 with renowned producer Colin Richardson later to be mixed in the spring of ’94 at Sunlight Studios in Stockholm by Tomas Skogsberg. The album would be entitled “Physical” and was released the same year through Escila Records.

This was the most fruitful period in which they were able to get exposed in various metal publications and playing shows around the country. In ‘97, they released their second album, “Exquisites Tenderness,” through the label of their own manager Visur Prod., but this one passed really unnoticed. Even with this, they played with bands like Death, Kreator, Manowar, Cradle of filth, Dimmu Borgir, etc, and then they suffered a break of several years with the consequent line-up change and recorded a third album called “Earthquake” in 2005 that was never released.

Members: Miguel Hernández – guitars/vocals, Antonio León Garrido – bass, Yohe Herranz – guitars, Leo Gonzalez – vocals, Eduardo Cervera – drums


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