Cardinals Pride

Cardinals Pride

Cardinals Pride is a five piece metal band from Quebec City. Established in 2010, the French Canadian band have toured across their country multiple times with the release of their first EP ‘’Priorities’’ that came out in 2012.

 Their unique sound, fusion of aggressive Metalcore, technical metal and intense Hardcore, has earned them a strong place in the national heavy music scene. Shortly after they signed to New Damage Records in 2015, Cardinals Pride released a second EP called ‘’Those People Will Never Die’’ featuring the songs ‘’Bearers’’ and ‘’Refracted’’, which were featured on and Revolver Magazine and cumulate over 300 000 plays on Spotify.

Cardinals Pride recently announced the recording of their first full length, which is expected to be released in 2017.

Members: Alexis – Vocals, Didier – Guitars, Nicolas D – Guitars, Antoine – Bass, Nicolas S – Drums