Civil Defence






Civil Defence

They released their first album, Pangea Necropolis in 2013 which resulted in several live shows following the project; a great accomplishment, considering that it was more of a full length demo album due to lack of funds. The name stems from Latin “pangea” (one land), and “necropolis” (massive gave site).

Mostly Aggression is Civil Defence’s second release. The EP contains four songs, however there are six unheard and unrecorded tracks eventually joining the project! Some industry setbacks resulted in the album becoming an EP, however that does not stop Eric from his goal in completing the album. “Blood, sweat and tears, this train doesn’t stop ’til the conductor stops…. there will be a completion of Mostly Aggression, the title is just that, for the content within.”

Since bringing Civil Defence from a thought to reality, Eric’s ambition is to manage the band and the keep the train on the tracks.

Members: Eric T Chase-Guitar & Vocals, Connor Curtis-Bass, Brady Jones-Drums


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