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Confined to Oblivion

Confined to Oblivion is a melodic groove metal band hailing out of Montreal QC, with the goals of changing the future of its style with heavy riffs and heavy vocals. The band is composed of Jeff Boisvert, Yan Fortin, Simon Chénard, Raphaël Parent et Dave Comeau.

This has been over a year in the making and the recipe is finally perfect. The Cycle is the new single we will release early November and it will change the Montréal scene towards the future.

To our fans, “the forgotten ones”, we have not forgotten you and are ready to finally show you what this is about. Stay heavy!

Members: Jeff Boisvert – Vocals, Yan Fortin – Guitar, Simon Chénard – Guitar, Raphaël Parent – Bass, David Comeau – Drums


Call (514) 241-0308