Sixteen years is a very long time for a band to release debut album. Many things were unexpected things that hindered Damnation. Pure musical creations in death metal began in 1999. A motion made by Damnation until eventually metal heads of Indonesia were willing to accept the existence Damnation’s style.

The strong desire to release a work of pure Death Metal, Damnation was back trying. Entering the studio back in 2014 with the full support of the label INTERNALBRUTALITY (RUSSIA), band is a pioneer in Indonesia.  That has and can give me confidence that Extreme Music in Indonesia could be accepted despite the hard struggles. For the Suffocation album in some particular sounds they inspire me and Mr. Burns, a good man, we do hope with this album it has definitely fulfilled the questions…

Friends and Metal heads all over hold something for their Indonesian market. Label in Indonesia, HITAM KELAM  records, will re-release the album “Damnation”. The Album will be released in January 2017 with a different format.

DAMNATION line-up: Camel Damnation (Bass), Gruntwind (Vocal), Bonnie (Guitar), Kris J Philips (Drums).

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