DEMONIAC was created with the purpose of playing fast, violent Thrash Metal and to revive aggressive metal in the town of Limache. The band was formed in 2011 by young members: Javier Ortiz (Vocals / Guitars), Rodrigo Poblete (Drums), Nicolas Young (Guitar) and Vicente Pereira (Bass). A year later in 2012 they independently released their first demo “Judgement of Death”. After the departure of Nicolas Young they continued as a 3-piece. This line up would remain active for a year, creating faster and darker melodies than before. In 2013 the recordings of “The Unacceptable Truth” demo began, which was later released in 2014 by Descarga Metálica on black tape format. The demo received good reviews and the band recruited Luciano Leiton as a guitarist, who, a few months later had to leave the band due to health issues, while the band composed new songs for their future debut album. By the end of 2015 DEMONIAC returned to their original line-up and some months later the composition process was finished and the recording of the album began. While doing so the band signed with the German label Witches Brew to release their debut “Intemperance” on CD. This debut will be released 15 September on Witches Brew and available worldwide via Plastic Head Music Distribution. Currently the guys are preparing for future live dates, sharing stages with bands such as VIOLATOR and MENTAL DEVASTATION, to name a couple.

Members: Vicente Pereira: Bass, Rodrigo Poblete: Drums, Nicolas Young: Guitar, Javier Ortiz: Guitar / Vocals